Who Are We?

The African Quest is a tour Operator Company located in Arusha Tanzania.The Company is owned & managed by two brothers, who have been Safari Tour Guides for decades in Tanzania. Using the connections, expertise & experience gained over the years, we have consistently elated all our clients across the globe in their safari adventures.  During the years we have been taking tours in Tanzania, we have been obsessed with only one thing on our mind, providing our clients with an unparalled safari experience. We do this by trying to accomodate each & every needs of our client into a unique safari programme. Feel free to drop in your details or chat with our journey designer in the chat-box below & let us take care of everything else. Karibu!

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Tanzania Safari Tours

From 300$ Onwards

2-5 Day Options


From 300$ Onwards

2-5 Day Options


From 200$ Onwards

2-5 Day Options

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The African Quest

Our Expertise

Given our years of knowledge in the Tanzanian tourism industry, we have developed a knack to understand different tourists’ needs. Which is why we love to cater to all of their requirements & wishes. Which is why almost all our tours and safaris are customized at no additional cost. In fact, we operate on the principle to showcase Tanzania as an affordable Safari and vacation destination while keeping the overall Tanzania Safari Cost low without compromising on the experience 

Our tour guides are specially trained in different disciplines & speak  multiple languages, we always have different duos of tour guides accompanying our tourists & they love showing the beautiful & serene side of Tanzania to the tourists with great pride. 


Safari Jeeps
ngorongoro landcruiser

Safari vehicles

We exclusively use an extended wheelbase version of a Toyota Land cruiser that is custom built for handling the rough onslaught of the African Terrain be it the rocky roads of the Serengeti National Park or the steep ascent or descent of the Ngorongoro Conservation centre. The cars also have a canopy hatch that can be removed opened for the ultimate game viewing experience.

Every safari has two tour guides, a driver & a navigator, who also turns into an expert cook during lunch or dinner hours. If you are adept at driving a manual car, do not hesitate to ask the ask the driver for a quick spin in the game drive destination



All Safari vehicles are fit with a radio device tuned to a frequency which all safari vehicles are tuned to. This helps with identifying the animals within a game view range & informing all safari vehicles of the location of any animal.

Cooler box

Our vehicles are equipped with a cooler box which can be used to store eatables & drinks as you may deem fit

Seat belts

A two-point seatbelt is available for the passengers in the rear seats & Tanzanian law mandates that all tourists must wear a seatbelt

Air conditioning

We strongly believe that Tanzania must be experienced in its raw, natural form & do not use any sort of air conditioning on any of our vehicles. More often than not, our customers don’t feel the need to use it either.

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