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The African Quest

We at TheAfricanQuest have given tours & guided safaris for the better part of our lives & we have an unbridled vision to showcase Africa, particularly Tanzania as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. We believe that Tanzania as a destination is hugely underrated & non-commercial but also hosts some of the most beautiful landscapes & bio-diversity that one can find on this planet. 

Since our inception, we have been motivated by one reason & one reason only, the endeavor to give the best Safaris to all our travellers & take care of all their needs as is evident from our client testimonials.  

OUR Offerings

We understand that different tourists come from varied backgrounds & have a variety of budgets for their once-in-a-lifetime vacation experiece. This is why we offer a plethora of safaris to include all kinds of budgets without compromising on what Tanzania quintessestially has to offer.

Budget Safaris: Experience Tanzania is its rawest, naked form by camping in the mountains of Ngorongoro or smack in between the wilderness of Serengeti in specially allocated camping grounds protected by forest rangers. Many tourists particularly prefer camping safaris as it keeps them in closer touch with the Tanzanain experience & because it is also quite affordable

Luxury Safaris: Luxury Safaris have itheir own perks too. Imagine staying in a posh African themed resort pampered with all sorts of amenities, at the same time having access to incredible views of the Ngorongoro crater or the mesmerizing endlessness of the Serengeti plains 

Customized Safaris: We personally vouch for this, depending on your preference, as conveyed to our journey designer, we recommend a mix of the above mentioned types of Safaris. 

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