Best Time to Travel to Tanzania

As a destination, Tanzania is rather diverse & boasts a range of geographies & attractions, one can trek experience the vastness of the Serengeti, the uniqueness of the Ngorongoro crater, the snow-clad Kilimanjaro mountains & the pristine beaches of Zanzibar. 

This is why so many tourists are overwhelmed & confused when it comes to preparing the perfect plan for their Tanzanian Safari. This post will break down the best time to visit Tanzania as per the popular destinations.

Best time to visit Tanzania for a Safari

Although Safari trips are operational all year long in Tanzania, there are a few months during the year that are particularly unpleasant & few months during the year that are the absolutely pristine for an African Safari. 

June to October is the best time for a  Serengeti Safari & a Ngorongoro Safari Tour & Manyara as this time period overlaps with both the Wilderbeast migration & the dry season which makes viewing animals & birds very smooth. This also means that tourists will be flocking to Tanzania during this time, which in turn, increases the cost of the trip.

November to January period is marked my intermittent spells of rain that temporarily hamper the game viewing experience in the popular safari destinations. However, the rains have a unique charm in themselves plus you have an added advantage of saving a whole lot of money as Safari prices drop by as much as 30% during time period.

February to March months are warm & animals are still migrating to different parts of Africa from Tanzania, this period (also called the green period) offers a number of opportunities to view migratory birds & is a very good season for game viewing if you are comfortable with slightly warm temperatures.

April to May months are marked by heavy rainfall & it is not advisable to visit Tanzania for game viewing during any of these months. Beware of tour operators hard-selling tours during these periods.

Best Time to Visit Zanzibar

Like the safari destinations, tourists prefer visiting Zanzibar during different time periods depending on their personal preferences. 

June to October is a preferred season as the climate is pleasant during the mornings & the evening & the afternoons are warm. Western tourists who are not accustomed to intense heat prefer these months for their vacation

December to mid-February is another preferred season as it is hot & dry giving the Zanzibar archipelago the perfect beach destination vibe. 

Best Time for Kilimanjaro treks

Given Kilimanjaro’s proximity to the equatorial region, the temperatures are more or less constant & do not fluctuate wildly. 
However, the region tends to experience dry & wet seasons & treks to the summit are non-operational during the monsoons as the danger of slippery ice, mud & landslides are very much prevalent. 
This narrows down the best time for a Kilimanjaro trek to the January – February period, the warm periods with medium chances of any precipitation & July to October, the warmer months with negligible changes of precipitation. 
We hope this article was informative & would love to answer any of your other questions regarding your planned trip to Tanzania. Feel free to reach out to our journey designer for more details! Asient
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