Ndutu Safari Lodge

Northern Ngorongoro

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A simple,  African themed lodge situated in the Northern Ngorongoro region but providing an experience akin to the Serengeti national park, the Ndutu Safari lodge has been around since the 1960s and is handled by an excellent staff. Built by George Dove, who was taken aback by the excellent location of Ndutu and its proximity to the wildebeast migration path. Thereafter, the lodge quickly rose in fame and began witnessing tourists all year round.    

The lodge has 34 rooms baked with stone to keep cool during the harsh season and to make for a traditionally themed African lodge, with each room overlooking the endless Serengeti Plains. 

Despite the simplicity – or rather because of it,  the lodge has a healthy occupancy throughout the year. First built by George Dove, a retired hunter, the the Ndutu Lodge has had humble beginnings as a tented lodge in the remote areas of Serengeti. 

Lodge facilities are not necessarily luxurious but the lodge offers excellent value and a great place to experience Tanzania in seclusion. Unlike most other lodges listed in the Ngorongoro area, this lodge is the furthest away from the commotion of other tourists. 

A number of Masaai villages are located in close proximity and the lodge has an excellent game drive route that offers a unique blend of the Serengeti Plains and the hilly Ngorongoro region.

The lodge also has dedicated rooms for Honeymooners which are known to be lavish, pampering,  well equipped and an excellent stay overall.    

A particularly great place to lodge into before travelling onwards to Ngorongoro – if you’re not particularly fond of a longer drive to Ngorongoro. 



The seclusion of the Ndutu Lodge helps in offering some unique experiences travelers. The lodge provides the following facilities which helps ensure such a loyal customer base. 

Air dining: Dinners at Ndutu is a special occassion & unless it is about to rain or the temperature outside is unpleasant, dinners and lunch are always served in a unique open-air setting. Choices are known to be limited and not very lavish but are also nutritious and wholesome

Internet: The common area at the lodge offers internet connectivity at decent speeds to help the tourists stay connected

Specially Secluded Chalets: Chalet #12 & #35 are located slightly away from the other chalets and in close proximity to wandering beasts. It isn’t uncommon for guests to observe Lions, Rhinos, Giraffes through the cottage balcony over the fence of the hotel

Bath and Toiletries: Each cottage comes with an en-suite bathroom with hot water, mosquito nets & other toiletries are readily available

Walkway to Migration Path: A pathway that leads all the way to the path taken by the wildebeasts during the great migration is another unique feature of the lodge

Architecture: The lodge has been around since the 1960 & witnesses a really high number of repeat visitors. It hasn’t been specially designed by renowned architects but has a plain and simple build with all naturally available materials in the Ngorongoro & Serengeti Region

A-La Carte: The available buffet food menu for dinner is faily limited and is not always to everyone’s liking, which is why, an A-la-Carte menu is available for food and drinks. Prices for food and drinks are high but nothing outlandish, unlike most Safari lodges of this kind in Ngorongoro  

The lodge has a popular following from travelers who love to indulge in the pristine calm and serenety of the wilderness. For the adventure seekers and the ones with itchy feet, the following activities and attractions around the lodge is guaranteed to satiate your soul!

Game Drives: The lodge is situated extremely close to a nearby Safari game area can be completed within 2-3 hours, most of the wild animals and the big 5 can be readily spotted.  

Baloon Safari: Due to the unique location of the camp, travelers on their way to Ngorongoro who haven’t had the opportunity to experience the iconic balloon safari of Serengeti can do so once they lodge at Ndutu. The starting point of the baloon Safari ride is about a one hour from the Lodge.

Olduvai Gorge: The iconic and historically significant Olduvai Gorge is about an hour and a half away from the Ndutu lodge. Many tourists from Ndutu prefer visiting the newly opened museum near the Olduvai Gorge. 

Walking Safaris: Since the Ndutu falls under the Ngoronoro Conservation Area, Walking Safaris into the wild are allowed as long you’re accompanies by a park ranger. These services are readily available at the lodge itself

Visiting the Masai People: As with every other landmark in Tanzania, there are a number of indigenous Masai settlements located close to the Ndutu Lodge. Some tourists visit the Masai settlements before embarking on their game drive.

The reception at the hotel will gladly help out with all details of activities and excursions near the Ndutu region.

Without being too brash, the lodge still manages to take care of the requirements of most of its visitors. This simplicity helps keep prices low. 

The pricing options vary throughout the year, but the average price card looks something like this: 

General Rooms excluding activities can start from as little as $180 per night per room. This is the option chosen by most tourists. However during peak season the price can vary wildly costing as much as $350 per night. 

The specially secluded room #12 and #35 cost anywhere between $250 – $450 per night. If you do happen to travel during non-peak season. You may very well get bumped up to these rooms at no extra cost 🙂  




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