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Comfortably located in the Crater’s rim, the Rhino lodge is a relatively large sized lodge in the Ngorongoro crater area that offers incredible views of the Ngorongoro’s unbroken caldera. 

Popularl for being the home-stay of Henry Fosbrooke, the conservationist credited with bringing the Ngorongoro Safari experience to limelight and the man who campaigned for it to be the 8th wonder of the world.

The hotel is plush with a large lawn that is also a passageway for Elephants, Zebras, Wildeebeasts and if you’re lucky,  you’ll be greeted with Giraffe’s during the daytime as well. At night, it isn’t uncommon to head lions roaring in close proximity. Don’t worry though, the hotel is well protected as park rangers patrol the area throughout the day. 

Described as being cozy, well equipped for all basic necessities, its course of nourishing breakfasts and rooms that have mystical views of the depth of the crater. Popular reviews also indicate that the lodge is very reasonably priced for the services, ambience & view that is on offer.

Since the lodge is located at peak height for excellent views, temperatures  can drop to -5 degrees, the rustic hotel also has an indoor fireplace where guests gather to share their Safari experiences. 🙂  


The following services offered by Rhino Lodge helps it retain its top position as a Safari lodge.  

Secluded Rooms & Private Balconies: The 24 bedrooms featured in the Rhino Lodge are uniquely built so as to blend in with the main part of the hotel and also to remain secluded for maximum privacy and comfort. Every room has a private balcony which offers magnificent views of the caldera. 

En-suite bathroom: In case you needed any further clarification, every room has an attached bathroom with 24*7 hot water available

Room Options: Family rooms accommodating up to 5 people, Double room, Twin rooms and single occupancy rooms are available at the Lodge. 

All the mentioned room is also laden with hot water bottles and a heated stove to keep warm which can come handy when you’ll be spending time in the balcony admiring Nature’s bounty

Library: After spending the daytime bashing in the wilderness of Ngorongoro, the evenings are chilly and temperatures can get low. Reading a book right next to the crater rim while sitting next to a fireplace is a rare and pleasant experience that one must not miss

Meals: Meals are included in the cost of a booking, which will be a nutritious buffet during the day to ensure nourishment before the game drive and a wider array of continental options and flavourful African Soups for dinner.

Guests rarely have any complaints with the buffet options, but you have something in particular do let the hotel staff know in advance at the time of booking, there is an a-la-carte option available as well.  

Tea & coffee is available throughout the day and the staff are known to be friendly and oblige with most requests. 

Drinks are available in the bar and are not unreasonably pricey as other hotels of similar standards   

Miscellaneous: Fresh Towels, 24*7 house keeping, mosquito nets and other basic amenities are readily available at the hotel. 

Being located in the south western plains of the Serengeti, the lodge is very close to a number of attractions that the typical traveler seeks. 

Ngorongoro Game Driving: The lodge is an excellent layover for beginning a Ngorongoro Game drive, it is strategically located at a high point to ensure that tourists get the thrill of viewing wildlife during the descent from the crater and during ascension as well. 

Tourists prefer visiting the nearby Empakai crater which is about 65 kms from the lodge area and a similarly giant wonder.      

 The Olduvai Gorge is another nearby site which is known for the ancient humanoid fossils discovered within the Ngorongoro Crater area. It is also widely credited with being the top 5 anthropological discoveries in history, the lodge is located only about an hour from this area.   

Nature Walks: The lodge has carved a pathway for a perfect nature walk to encompass the different views of the Ngorongoro. 

The pathway is also frequented by many wild animals including the waterbuck, wildeebeasts, Giraffes and of course, Rhinos – making it a very unique experience

Traditional Performances: The lodge is located in close proximity a nearby village, presence of lodges near Masai settlements make for a fluid cultural exchange that helps in giving back to the Masai community. 

The Masai have been performing their art in the Lodge since nearly a decade this includes the traditional African dance, musical instruments and the acrobatics!! 


The lodge is reasonably priced and is known to be a simplistic lodge that encompasses the spirit of an African Safari without being too brash. 

The value offered in immense and the lodge is quite reasonably priced. Indicatively, a double room for a night will set you back about $ 100 – $ 250 depending on the season.

Get in touch with our journey designer to get steal deals on great hotels across Ngorongoro, Serengeti & the rest of Tanzania and also plan a great, thrilling and value Tanzanian Safari! 




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