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Safety in Tanzania

Police in Zanzibar

Tanzania is generally considered a safe destination by tourists worldwide despite the crime rates that are relatively high when compared to the global average. In fact, most tourists don’t seem to bother about the high crime rates in Tanzania & the annual visits to Tanzania keeps increasing each year. Why is this so? We explain below.

Is Tanzania Safe?

When tourists flock to Tanzania it is not for adventuring the remote towns, crowded cities or rough neighborhoods. These areas have the highest crime rates which is responsible for increasing the crime rate of the country as a whole. The tourists visiting Tanzania are almost always clear of these places & are more interested in the picturesque destinations like the Kilimanjaro mountains, Serengeti plains, the Ngorongoro crater etc. These places are dominated by tourists, tour guides & other company officials, park rangers, wildlife care-takers & the locals who are extremely friendly & kind. 

That being said, tourists should also take precautionary measures while travelling through rough towns to avoid any sort of hassle. In towns like Arusha (stopover before popular Safari trips), wandering in the streets after the dark should be avoided. The hotels & restaurants are safe & there are popular attractions that tourists can visit during the daytime but venturing out during the night-time should be kept to a bare minimum.

Tanzania Travel Advisories:

 Still, keeping an eye out for travel advisories by Government authorities is a good idea. These are the popular links that you can use.

  1. US department of State (http://www.travel.state.gov/)
  2. UK Government Advice (https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/tanzania)
  3. Canadian Travel Department (https://travel.gc.ca/destinations/tanzania)
  4. Indian Home Affairs (https://hcindiatz.gov.in/index.php)

Precautions while in Tanzania:

 We at TheAfricanQuest, recommend tourists to follow these precautions while travelling to Tanzania. 
  • Do not venture out at night when staying the night in pre Safari layover towns like Arusha
  • Travel with skilled tour guides (like Theafricanquest that have a lot of web presence & a skilled set of tour guides
  • Do not carry much valuables during the duration of stay
  • If you are travelling in large groups, do not wander away in sets of 2 or 3
  • Do not keep any valuables in your Safari Jeep
  • If you’re alert & follow the above steps you will, most assuredly, have a pleasant & hassle stay in Tanzania. 


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