Serengeti Sopa

Southern Serengeti

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Serengeti Sopa is situated deep in the heart of Serengeti about 1 hour from the nearest game drive. 

The lodge has a rich heritage that dates back to about 1995 & the staff are well skilled to provide tourists every possible amenities – despite being located in the middle of nowhere. 

Given the heritage of the lodge, a few hotels are also located nearby which makes the surroundings seem a bit busy. 

The hotel hosts about 75 guest rooms that are well furnished with an excellent staff that takes care of room service twice a day replete with mosquito nets & other amenities needed for surviving the Serengeti onslaught. 

The carpets, souvenirs, color contrasts & even the carefully selected motifs exude a quintessentially African vibe.

Perfect for a budget traveler who is not in need of anything particularly fancy but who also prefers basic amenities along with a good view of the the endless plains.   

It is situated in a very favorable location, but the approach road is slightly wobbly and can make for an uncomfortable ride.  

The following facilities are readily available in the Logde

Hotel Services: Lobby Wi-Fi, Swimming pool, Outdoor dining, telephones, sauna, nature walks, Bird watching, laundry service, gym, bar, Laundry service (chargeable), handicap friendly, 24 hour security, African themed performances, children friendly menu, babysitting

Room Services: Picturesque balconies, mosquito nets, heated water (5AM-10PM) & (5PM-10PM), well stocked mini-bars, multiple beverage options, hairdryers, sundowners, 

Apart from this, the staff is known to be very accommodating, polite and helpful to every need. assistance with arranging for leisure & adventurous activities nearby is taken care of by the staff. 

This hotel is a perfect stay if you need just about a good place to stay the night and enjoy the famed views of the Serengeti. It is nothing fancy & by no means a 5-star resort but it does the job and tourists rarely have any complaints. 

It is situated in a very favorable location, but the approach road is slightly wobbly and can make for an uncomfortable ride.  

Being located in the south western plains of the Serengeti, the lodge is very close to a number of attractions that the typical traveler seeks. 

Eco-trail tours: Nearby areas offer enchanting walking tours through the middle of the endless plains. Chances of knocking at least 3 of the big 5 during any given walking safari is an almost guarantee. Being exposed to the Serengeti terrain on foot is a wild experience in itself. 

Game Drives: This goes without saying, Serengeti Safari game drives are arguably the best in all of Africa. Areas close to the Serengeti are particularly great for Game drives. 

Balloon Safari: Seeing Serengeti from a birds eye view while floating in a bucket in the sky is a once in a lifetime experience that can and should be done in the Serengeti

Bird Watching: The hotel has arrangements for the inner ornithologist in you 🙂

The hotel staff can readily make arrangements for these activities. 


The lodge is competitively priced and is almost always cheaper & more convenient than similarly equipped hotels nearby. Prices fluctuate wildly depending upon the seasons. 

Price for a single suite can range between $180 – $300 for a single room with an en-suite bathroom. 

A double room can cost anything between $320 -$680, making it really good value. 

Without being too fancy, the lodge has a rich heritage and takes care of most of the travellers needs at a reasonable price. 

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