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Land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar & the Serengeti

The crown jewel of an African Safari adventure, Tanzania has quickly climbed the ranks to become an top preferred destination for travelers worldwide.

The East African country has been experiencing growing footfalls from tourists who wish to visit the impeccably maintained national parks or the awe-inspiring Kilimanjaro or the serene beaches & turquoise blue waters of the Zanzibar archipelago – Tanzania is a truly versatile & stunning destination.  

Tanzania Safari Packages

$ 600 -$ 2000


5 Days & 6 Nights

Kilimanjaro, lake Manyara, ngorongoro & Serengeti

From $ 1,350 per Person


5 Days & 6 Nights

Arusha, Tarangire, Serengeti & Ngorongoro

From $ 990 Per Person


5 Days & 6 Nights

Arusha, Lake Manyara, Serengeti, & Ngorongoro

From $ 1,700 Per Person


4 Days & 3 Nights

Arusha Town, Lake Manyara & Serengeti

From $ 900 Per Person

introduction & Details

Tanzania is bordered by Kenya to the north east, the Indian Ocean to the East and three other African Countries to the west.

Tanzania is wildly popular due to the 3 dream itineraries that form a part of its overall travel offering.

  • Safaris – Tanzania offers some of the most diverse national parks with unparalleled Safari experiences in each one of them. The largest national park is the Selous Game Reserve followed by the Serengeti National park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.      
  • Kilimanjaro  “The roof of Africa” as it is popularly known is the tallest mountain in Africa and the tallest free standing mountain in the world. Annually, millions of visitors flock to Tanzania to visit the base camp of Kilimanjaro and the brave ones even attempt to climb the mountain. 
  • Zanzibar – After relentless adventures, Tanzania also has a serene, beach vacation hot spot – The Zanzibar Archipelago is nestled comfortably between the Tanzanian mainland and the Indian Ocean. The Turquoise blue waters make it an absolute treat for beach bums all across the world!   

The Circuits.... And the beaches

If you have been researching for a while, you would have noticed that many people talk of the Northern Circuit of Tanzania and the Southern Circuit. 

The experience at both of these circuits are considerably different and knowing these in detail will certainly help with planning your Tanzania Safari tour much better. Which is why, we will highlight some important distinctions and features of each of these Safari types to aid in decision making for you.

The Northern Circuit

The Northern Circuit is the most popular choice among tourists and adventure seekers. It comprises of the most well-known destinations in Tanzania and receives at least 3 times more visitors than the Southern Circuit of Tanzania.

The snow-capped Kilimanjaro mountain ranges, the endless Serengeti Plains, the Majestic Ngorongoro Crater….. all world famous attractions are part of the Northern Circuit of Tanzania. 

The northern circuit is also quite commercial, you will find a diverse range of accommodation options including tented lodges, luxury camps, luxury resorts in the middle of Serengeti, eco-tourism lodges and even budget camping options.

Which is why the Safari experience at the Northern Circuit is not as raw and adventure filled as the southern circuit. It is the best option for a first-time or even a second-time visitor, but if you do not wish to have a lingering sense of being cushioned by modern amenities, maybe you should explore the southern circuit.  

In most cases, your journey to any of the national parks of mountain ranges in the Northern Circuit will begin from the Kilimanjaro International Airport and it is more than adequate for a regular urban dweller to experience the African Thrill!

The Southern Circuit

When compared to the Northern Circuit, the Southern circuit is relatively unknown and boasts some Safari jewels that are not renowned worldwide.

Ideal for Safari seekers who are in thirst for that added thrill and also for visitors who wish to be nestled away from modern amenities and other visitors. 

The highlight of the southern circuit is the Selous game reserve, a Safari reserve that is 3 times the size of Serengeti and is by far the most biologically rich region in Tanzania!

The other highlight of the southern circuit is the Ruaha national park, where you can lodge by the river in the middle of a national park that is several miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

In most cases, your journey to any of the places in the southern circuit will start at the Dar-es-Salaam airport

The Beaches

As an East African Country with many of the land areas bordering the Indian Ocean, Tanzania has some extremely Serene beaches. 

The turquoise blue water beats the shades of water found in any Mediterranean island destination.

Apart from the beaches located close to Dar-es-salaam, the highlight of a Tanzanian beach vacation is the world renowned Zanzibar Archipelago. 

Zanzibar is an autonomously governed territory within Tanzania, you have to fly out to Zanzibar from the Tanzanian mainland 

The activities that you can take up at Zanzibar is endless and we recommend visiting Zanzibar for a relaxing vacation after you are through with the adventure-packed Safaris in the northern/southern circuit.

The Sadani national park is a unique mix of a Safari + Beach experience as it hosts a variety of wildlife and also borders the Indian Ocean.


Game Drives: A game drive is a staple of an African Safari. In Tanzania, you will experience the different types. 

A flat surfaced Game drive at Serengeti will make you marvel at the size of the Serengeti plainsThe winding roads of the Ngorongoro Crater will leave you awe-struck. The Midnight game drive at Lake Manyara will be a thrilling experience! 

Walking Safaris: Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Selous all of these national parks offer guided walking safaris among wild animals –  Don’t worry, the guide always carries a huge rifle!

Baloon Safaris: The Serengeti national park has Ballon Safaris that enable you to have a birds eye view of the Serengeti. It is even more special if you do this during the Wildebeast Migration. 

Wilderness Camping: We recommend that you spend at least once night camping in the middle of a National park in close proximity of the wild animals – Don’t worry! Park Rangers are on patrol 24*7 and the camping grounds are closely guarded

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving: The Zanzibar archipelago and the Mafia Island have some incredible Scuba diving and snorkeling hot spots that is a must visit during your visit to Tanzania 


Other Popular Places

Selous Game Reserve: Contrary to popular belief, the Serengeti is not the largest National Park in Tanzania. That award goes to the Selous Game Reserve in Central Tanzania. The Selous is gigantic. It covers an area that is larger than the size of Switzerland and hosts flora and fauna that are still now known to mankind!

Ruaha National Park: Another relatively unknown national park in Tanzania is the Ruaha National Park known for harboring the famously vicious Nile crocodiles and for housing some incredible resorts that are completely divorced from the rest of the world

Mount Meru: While most of the attention goes to the Magnificient Kilimanjaro mountains, its younger and much less glamorous little cousin, Mount Meru does not get the same coverage. However, the mountain makes for a great mini Safari-Hike and is generally considered a noteworthy precursor to the Kilimanjaro trek!

Mafia Island: One of the lesser known Jewels of Tanzania, the Mafia island is nestled close to the capital of Tanzania – Dar es Salaam. Tourists are known to visit Mafia Island and extend their vacation invariably. The locals at Mafia island are friendly. Activities here include swimming with baby whale sharks, spotting nesting turtles and even Humpback whales.

What Will My Itinerary Look Like?

Unless you have a special requirement or are visiting a specific place in Tanzania for a short duration you will most likely be travelling via Arusha town, the doorway between Kilimanjaro Mountains & Safari destinations in Tanzania. To get an idea of what the Safari is likely to cost, we recommend visiting this page on Tanzania safari costs

Typically, tourists land at Kilimanjaro Airport from where we (or any other tour operator you choose) will pick you up, drive you through a couple villages that are situated very close to the Kilimanjaro Mountain Range & take you to Arusha town. Where you will nest for at least one night (two if you want to explore the town) before leaving for the Safari in a 4×4 Land Cruiser (specially customized for Safaris) next morning. 

If you decide to cover all the popular Safari destinations then we will be covering Lake Manyara, Tarangire National Park, Serengeti National Park & Ngorongoro Conservation area (in that order).  Also if any of the Tanzania Safari Tours do not meet your requirements, Don’t worry! we are extremely flexible & can customize the duration of stay & the places that you want to visit very easily.


Range of accommodations in Tanzania vary significantly depending on where you are and the type of Safari you prefer. From the well known 5 star hotels in Arusha to the exquisite African themed resorts in Lake Manyara. We’ve got you covered 🙂

Serengeti Sopa

Serengeti national Park

From $ 1200

Serena Serengeti

Serengeti national Park

From $1500

Rhino Lodge

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

From $800

Ndutu Lodge

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

From $800

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Tanzania Safari

Most amazing experience of my life. Mathayo and Iddy do an incredible job at providing the most ideal Safari experiences for everyone. Both are very knowledgable of the land and animals and will answer any question that comes to mind. I spent a week with Iddy and Mathayo and I can not wait to come back. I am already planning my 2021 safari with them for July/August!!
- Meaghan Guard

An experience of a lifetime

Had an absolutely stunning experience all thanks to the flawless tour management by Matayo and Idde. Will strongly recommend to anyone planning on visiting Tanzania.
- Mehar Satsangi

Good company

If you are planning to do your vacations in Tanzania, do not think it twice and choose The African Quest company. Good accomodation, good safari car, but mostly nice, experimented and very welcoming guides!
- Judith
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