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Africa's Eighth Wonder - Ngorongoro Crater

Crater Size: 8,300 km²
Average Temperature: 18 to 25 Degree Celsius (At foothills)
Nearest Airport: 213 Kms from Kilimanjaro Airport. 180 kms from Arusha

This Ngorongoro Crater – Africa’s Garden of Eden seems like a lost land from ancient folklore, the crater is home to some very interesting archaeological and anthropolgical discoveries. The crater itself is part of a larger land area that is referred to as the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.  

A trip to Ngorongoro a standard part of most visits to Tanzania, in fact, 60% of visitors to Tanzania pay their pilgrimage to the Ngorongoro crater & it is arguably the highlight of a Tanzanian Safari. Most tourists couple a Ngorongoro trip with a Serengeti Safari which is about a 4-5 hour drive from the crater 

The crater area gets pretty chilly at the foothills during most seasons and the area in the middle of the crater is filled with a plethora of Plant and Animal species. 

Browse through some of our Safari Packages to the Ngorongoro crater & read through our Ngorongoro safari guide below, we will be more than happy to create unique safari experiences for you or guide you through the Safari designing process regardless of whether you book with us or not 🙂       

Ngorongoro Crater Safari Packages

$ 600 -$ 2000

The Eight Wonder - Ngorongoro

4 Days & 3 Nights

Arusha, Ngorongoro Conservation Crater

From $ 800 Per Person

Mystical Ngorongoro

4 Days & 3 Nights

Arusha, Ngorongoro Conservation Crater

From $ 600 Per Person


5 Days & 6 Nights

Arusha, lake Manyara, Serengeti & Ngorongoro

From $800


5 Days & 6 Nights

Arusha, Tarangire, Serengeti & Ngorongoro

From $800

Ngorongoro Crater - History

Some 2- 3 million years ago, somewhere in the innards of East Africa, a volcano much higher than the now popular Kilimanjaro Mountain erupted with overwhelming ferociousness. The explosion was so devastating that the mountain collapsed on itself & reduced the mighty mountain to an inverse version of itself! 

This structure stands tall to this very day. The eruption has visibly created a structure that can easily be mistaken for a giant crater caused by a huge meteoric impact.

The eruption also sparked an unusual mix of biological elements that would pave way for some extraordinary bio-diversity on the 120 km stretch . 

The eruption caused tons of ash & minerals to be spread evenly over the land mass giving way to luscious greenery, lakes & forests to be formed over the land mass. This meant that Ngorongoro would also call itself home to a variety of, you guessed it – Wildlife.

Ngorongoro Crater has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1979 & has been under the protection of NCCA. Even the number of annual tourists to Ngorongoro is limited annually to retain the majesty & ecological diversity of the place. 

Attractions & Activities

  1. The largest unbroken Caldera in the world 
  2.  Wildlife – The crater is home to 25,000 wild animals including 7000 wildebeasts, 4000 zebras, 3000 Eland & 3000 Gazelles
  3. The Great Wildebeest Migration
  4. Laetoli, in the innards of Ngorongoro crater is home to the remains of human beings’ earliest ancestors preserved in volcanic ash. You can walk on the same path where you can see fossilized remains of the earliest of human beings
  5. Olduwai Gorge, if you have a fascination for travelling to remote areas then Olduvai Gorge is a must-visit destination during your Tanzanian safari. The ancient fossils of elephants, tools & paintings of the earliest of human beings is likely to inspire awe even though you may not be a history buff. 
  6. A thrilling safari game drive covering treacherous winding roads to get to the centre of the crater & a drive among the most dense wildlife areas in the World 
  7. 500 Bird Species including Ostriches, bustards & secretary birds
  8. A night at the rim of the caldera, we can arrange for a lodge accomodation with an awe-inspiring view of the Crater & its wildlife

Things You Should know About Ngorongoro

  1. The Ngorongoro crater has the largest concentration of lion population in the world. In fact, most tourists are able to see prides of lions along with their cubs very easily at Ngorongoro.   
  2. 25,000 animals wander about in Ngorongoro. Statistically, you have the highest chance of seeing the Big 5 here than any other place on earth!
  3. The conservation area is one of the most protected national parks in Africa, the number of tourists that visit annually are closely monitored to maintain a perfect ecological balance
  4. The best time to visit the crater is between May to October, the variety of birds one gets to see during this period is simply stunning

Best time to Visit the Ngorongoro?

The Crater is scenic to watch all year round, the high walls that surround the caldera ensure that the experience remains equally mesmerizing all year round. 

But the crater can get fairly busy during the peak seasons from July to November since many tourists also visit the Serengeti to witness the great migration during the same time. The increased demand also tends to shoot up prices during the same period. 

We recommend visiting during the April-May period if you do not plan on covering the Great Migration, this will ensure that you have a completely unadulterated experience of the crater without the rush of other tourists around.   

For more advice on planning your Ngorongoro Safari, please do not hesitate on asking our tour operator, we’ll be glad to help you out 🙂


How To Get There?

The Ngorongoro crater is located 180 km west of Arusha & is a 2 hour drive from Serengeti & a 4 hour drive from Tarangire National Park. The destination can be covered by clubbing it with Serengeti national park & Tarangire National Park which makes it a must visit destination for a Tanzania Safari Adventure. 

Roads to Ngorongoro Crater begin with an coiled ascent which takes the vehicle to a near peak followed by a steep descent after which you will find yourself smack in-between the largest naturally formed caldera in the world, as is shown in the 3rd picture to the left.

While booking your Tanzania safari , you can mention to our journey planners the number of days & the lodges that you would like to stay in at Ngorongoro. We will do our best to get you a booking at the best prices & dates!. You can also browse our Ngorongoro Safari Packages listed above to get a rough idea of how a Ngorongoro Safari will be like.  


From lodges and hotels that are located right at the rim of the crater to camping grounds situated smack in the middle of the conservation area among wild animals. Accommodation options at Ngorongoro are plentiful, exciting and luxurious. 

We have also listed individual itineraries in the Ngorongoro Safari packages listed above so that you can choose tour accommodation options as per the itinerary. We recommend that to make the most of your Ngorongoro Safari Tour, you can try out all these accommodation types to save on your overall tanzania safari cost & also to experience the wild as well as the luxurious and exotic side of Tanzania. Speak to our Journey designer for more! 

Rhino Lodge

Ngorongoro Crater Rim

From $ 150 Per Night

Ndutu Safari Lodge

Northern Ngorongoro

From $ 180 Per Night

Tented Lodges

Across Park

From $ 120 Per Night

Budget Camping

Across Park

From $80

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