Serengeti Safari Tour


The Endless Plains

Serengeti Plain Size: 14,750 km²/ 5700 mi²
Average Temperature: 18 - 25 Degree Celsius
Nearest Airport: Kilimanjaro Airport - 400 kms Distance

Arguably the most popular Safari park in Africa, Serengeti is certainly one of the more popular attractions of Tanzania. Located about 400 Kms from Kilimanjaro airport and about 300 Kms from Arusha town, Serengeti enjoys the prestige of being the first national park in Tanzania. The honor was bestowed around the 1960s and the park has been growing in popularity ever since. 

 The word endless plains loosely translates to “endless plains” in Swahili. At 14,750 SQ KMS we can understand why the park has got this name, the park is almost the size of Israel, hosts a plethora of wildlife & is also at the epicenter of the Great Wilderbeast Migration – one of the largest mammal migrations on this planet. The Serengeti park borders Kenya on the northern side and Ngorongoro Conservation Area to the East. 

Browse through our tour packages that include a visit to Serengeti as part of a larger tour package or a package dedicated to Serengeti national park. Almost 90% of our safaris are customized so feel free to get in touch with our Safari designer for additional guidance or details, we will be more than happy to help 🙂    


5 Days & 6 Nights

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5 Days & 6 Nights

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5 Days & 6 Nights

From $800

The Park History & Details

Located about 400 KMS from Kilimanjaro airport, which is where most tourists land. The Serengeti National Park was informally established in 1951 and continues to be one of the most popular national parks in Africa right up there with the Masai Mara park of Kenya & the Kruger National Park of South Africa.

The park is known to host the oldest ecosystem known on this planet and it also home to an active volcano the “Ol Doinyo Lengai”. 

The park witnesses 1,50,000-2,00,000 visitors annually and is also the origin of a rare phenomenon that is famous throughout the world – the great migration

Only the Ngorongoro Safari can match Serengeti when it comes to diversity of animal, bird & plant life. The park is part of what is called the “Northern Circuit” of Tanzania which is the most visited Safari circuit and is recommended for first-time Safari seekers. 



Attractions & Activities

A visit to Serengeti is a unique experience in itself. Visitors are astonished at the flat-ness of the park. Apart from its mesmerizing beauty, here are the activities to do at the park. 

  1. Baloon Safari: That’s right, if you wish to have a skyview of one of the flat-est places on Earth that’s also filled with all kinds of animals that one can think of – we’ve got you covered.- Simply speak to our Safari designer and a baloon safari is something that can easily be arranged. 
  2. Game Drives: Be prepared for some o the best game drives you will ever experience. The animals at Serengeti are plentiful and many of them do not shy away from Safari jeeps in the area. All Safari Jeeps in Serengeti communicate to each other via radio frequency to ensure that all animals are spotted by all tourists.  

More Activities

  1. Camping: Yes you read that right – It is possible to camp smack in the middle of the park among the fierce animals. The park has authorized camping grounds that is guarded by park rangers throughout the night.
  2. Exotic Lodging: While most tour packages offer either a budget safari or a luxury safari, we strongly recommend a mix of the two so that one can experience the wild side of Tanzania along with the exotic side. Serengeti has a number of comfortable and luxurious resorts that overlook the plains – You can check the some of the accommodation options listed below. 
  3. Seronera River Valley: The valley forms a huge chunk of the Serengeti park and is filled with wildlife that wanders to the bank of the river to quench their thirst.

......More Activities

  1. Moru Kopjes: Situated in central Serengeti, the Moru Kopjes is home a large number of Black Rhinos who are known to be famously reclusive. 
  2. Retina Hippo Pool: Although you will stumble across hippo pools all across Serengeti, the Retina Hippo Pool is simply a class apart with over 200 hippos mucking about the water hole
  3. Grumeti River: The best location in Serengeti to pay a visit to the largest crocodile species of this planet. The Grumeti river is known for showcasing spectacles that can only be seen on National Geographic
  4.  Masai Villages: The Masai people are a semi-nomadic tribe that inhabit the regions of Northern Serengeti. The Masai people have been welcoming tourists since the establishment of the national park and are known to engage them in their local dance and culture            

How to Get there & itinerary details

Safaris in the Northern Circuit almost always include a 1-2 day layover at Serengeti. Typically, travellers land at Kilimanjaro international airport and are taken to Arusha town by their tour operator. 

After spending the night at Arusha, the very next morning the journey towards Serengeti begins –  The journey may or may not include a layover at Lake Manyara National Park. 

We at African Quest recommend a 2 day stay at Serengeti OR a single day at Lake Manyara park & Serengeti Park respectively. 

We understand that the information can be overwhelming for a first time traveler, please feel free to reach out to our journey designers for any details you seek, even if you are not proactively planning a safari in the near future – we are here to help 🙂

If you wish to gather more information on what the Safari is likely to cost, we recommend visiting our page on Tanzania Safari Costs 


Serengeti is vast and offers a number of accommodation options across price ranges. Choose from luxurious African themed resorts or immerse yourself in the wilderness while staying in a tent or better yet, choose something that is a mix of both!

Serengeti Sopa

From $ 180 Per Room - Per Night

Serena Serengeti

From $ 200 Per Room - Per Night

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Tanzania Safari

Most amazing experience of my life. Mathayo and Iddy do an incredible job at providing the most ideal Safari experiences for everyone. Both are very knowledgable of the land and animals and will answer any question that comes to mind. I spent a week with Iddy and Mathayo and I can not wait to come back. I am already planning my 2021 safari with them for July/August!!
- Meaghan Guard

An experience of a lifetime

Had an absolutely stunning experience all thanks to the flawless tour management by Matayo and Idde. Will strongly recommend to anyone planning on visiting Tanzania.
- Mehar Satsangi

Good company

If you are planning to do your vacations in Tanzania, do not think it twice and choose The African Quest company. Good accomodation, good safari car, but mostly nice, experimented and very welcoming guides!
- Judith
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