Tanzania Visa Requirements

Undoubtedly, Tanzania is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the African Subcontinent and possibly the best Safari Destination in the world – annually attracting ~1.8 Million tourists from every corner of the world. 

Most of the tourists seem to be lost when it comes to understanding the visa requirements for Tanzania & it is a general misconception that getting an entry into Tanzania is a rather tedious process. Right off the bat, we assure you that it isn’t. Almost no African country has a smoother process to gain entry into the country. Help us fill you in! 

Visa on Arrival?

Visa on arrival is granted to almost all nationalities and is more or less hassle free. It is a wiser option to apply for a visa beforehand to avoid any surprises and to also reduce costs. A visa on arrival will cost you about $100 for a single entry visa which will be valid for a duration of 3 months. 

Documents Required

 For visiting Tanzania as well as obtaining a visa on arrival, producing the following documents are necessary. 

  1. Yellow fever vaccination proof
  2. A valid return ticket
  3. A valid passport (Validity for the next 6 months will also be checked)
  4. A proof of documents for further destinations (only for transit visas)
  5. Proof of sufficient funds (This is selectively asked by immigration officials)
  6. A duly filled declaration form (will be provided at the airport)

Tanzania Visa Types

Depending upon the nature of visit, the Tanzania government issues multiple types of passports, we’ve listed them below.

Single Entry Visas  

The most popular type of visa used by travelers across the globe who primarily visit for the iconic Tanzania Safaris and also by visitors who visit the country for one-time official purposes or health treatments and so on. 

A single entry visa can be applied easily online and as mentioned earlier, can also be obtained on arrival. 

Multiple entry visas

This visa type is preferred if you have multiple official visits to Tanzania during a short span of time. Suitable for businessmen, wildlife conservationists, missionaries and so on. 

With this visa, you get an option to visit the country multiple times within a period of 12 months. However, you cannot stay beyond 3 months during any given visit, the visa is strictly for visitors who travel to Tanzania for short but frequent visits. 

Transit Visa

Preferred by tourists who are on their way to another country, in this case, the requirement for a yellow fever vaccination proof is waived off. 

Ticket proof for the onward journey is frequently requested by the immigration officials so it will be a good idea to keep this handy. 


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